Agile Usability Testing

Assess and understand your users' needs at the speed of business.

For many of our clients, the traditional User Experience research path doesn’t move at their speed. Agile clients are looking for user research that can be executed quickly with minimal lead time, while still producing high quality, actionable insights.

We’ve crafted a focused, streamlined agile UX methodology to address these needs. Agile clients can count on Usability Sciences to schedule their research, recruit participants, conduct the research, and produce a deliverable, all within a timeframe of one week or less. Coupled with a lower price point than our traditional research solutions, our agile clients have found incredible value in this approach.

If your project requires insights into trouble spots, feedback on key features and functions, actionable recommendations to deliver the highest value at breakneck speed, agile usability testing is your answer.


Our approach to agile usability testing

Every aspect of our research in this format is optimized for efficiency and adherence to the tight timelines inherent to an agile project. 

ONE: We collaborate with you to understand research objectives, identify your target audience, and determine what assets will be evaluated (e.g., wireframes, screenshots, prototypes, etc.).

TWO: Our in-house recruiting team establishes a standard screener for your target audience, and determine what assets will be evaluated.

THREE: The research is conducted in a single day, in our state-of-the-art usability labs, and broadcast live so all of the designers, stakeholders, and developers can observe and interact in real-time with the researchers.

FOUR: At the end of the research day, or the next morning, a conference call is held to review the results of the research and discuss recommendations to fix the issues uncovered.

What to expect from agile usability testing

With Agile Usability Testing, you receive all the benefits of traditional UX/Usability testing but in a compressed timeframe that meets the demands of your fast-paced Agile development cycles.

Most of our Agile clients leverage this testing methodology on a recurring monthly basis, bringing us various pieces of content that they need feedback on before moving forward with. This “bite-size” usability feedback has proven highly effective in keeping our Agile clients on-schedule and within budget, as they continuously iterate their designs to improve the user experience.

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