Stakeholder Interviews

Collect input and ideas from across your organization

Stakeholder Interviews consist of a series of individual or group discussions with those who are impacted by or who have an impact on your research objectives. These discussions provide a deeper understanding of each stakeholder’s role, as well as an overall understanding of the organizational requirements.

This process also provides stakeholders an environment in which they can express their opinions and feel that they have been heard. And as any project manager knows, inviting such a discussion is the first step to consensus building, which can have a seismic impact on the speed and efficiency of a project. 

Our approach to stakeholder interviews

Phase 1: Planning
We start by working with you to understand your research objectives, identify stakeholders, establish an interview schedule and develop interview questions.


Phase 2: Interviewing
Interviews are conducted on-site or remotely through Web conferencing, and typically last for 60 to 90 minutes. The number of interview sessions depends on the number of stakeholders.


Phase 3: Analysis 
Upon completion of the interviews, we will analyze all of the results to deliver insights grouped by main themes, stakeholder comments and recommendations, and analyst observations captured during the interviews.

Why consider stakeholder interviews?

Stakeholder Interviews are a fundamental aspect of any user experience research project.

Including stakeholders in the process increases their buy-in for the research results, enabling research teams to act upon research findings more quickly. 

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