Become a Paid Participant

6 things you should know before you sign up...

1. Your session can take place anywhere, including at your home

Currently, the majority of our sessions are being conducted remotely. If selected, you will participate from your home or office. We also conduct in-person sessions at our location in Irving, TX, and in other cities as well.


2. Your average time commitment

A typical session lasts between one to two hours, but will vary depending on the nature of the study.


3. You will be compensated.

As a paid participant the compensation differs per study, but users typically receive $100 or more. You will be informed of the specific compensation amount at the time of scheduling. You will receive compensation immediately following your session.


4. Your session will be recorded and you must agree to confidentiality.

Sessions are recorded for our research purposes only. You will be asked to provide feedback on websites, applications, or products that may not yet be released, thus all information viewed and discussed must remain confidential. Therefore, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon arrival.


5. Your feedback is vital.

Your feedback will be used by our clients to improve their website, application, or product.


6. Your information is safe with us.

We do not sell or rent any of your information — ever.


Ready to get started?

All you need to do is fill out a quick form and provide us with some basic contact and demographic information. This information is simply used to help us identify the clients and research projects that would benefit from your involvement. The form is private, secure and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

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How our process works

  1. Initial Online Survey (via Email)

    In most cases, the Usability Sciences’ recruiters will send out and an initial email invitation to complete an online survey anytime a new study becomes available. This email will contain a brief description of the type of user we are looking for and a link to an online survey. Once you complete the online survey, you will move on to the screening process IF you pre-qualify. The online survey is only the pre-qualifying stage; you will not be compensated for completing any online surveys.

  2. Screening & Scheduling

    After you fill out the online survey and if you pre-qualify, you will receive a call from a recruiter who will take you through a phone screen. If your answers match a segment that is needed for the research and if schedules align, you will be scheduled at this time.

  3. Confirmation & Reminders

    Once you qualify and are scheduled by the recruiter, you will receive a confirmation email detailing our exact location and the details of the study. The day before the study, you will receive a Reminder email asking you to reply. You should reply whether or not you are still able to attend and let us know. If you do not respond to the email, a recruiter will call to confirm your session, but if you do not answer, we may have to replace your session.

  4. Research Sessions

    At this point, you will come to our office at the designated time of your session to share your opinions and feedback. We ask that you always arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session. Once in our offices, you will sign our nondisclosure agreement and start your session. During the session, you will work one-on-one with an analyst/ moderator who will gather feedback regarding the product/website being evaluated. Remember to think out loud as much as possible and share your opinions about the site throughout.