Uncover thoughts and attitudes from your target customer.

Not all user research takes place in the confines of the lab or requires an in-person presence. A diary study allows us to gather in the moment reactions to experiences from the customers’ homes, workplaces or wherever they use a product. This kind of study can yield a vast amount of practical knowledge for significantly less effort and cost than a traditional field study.

How diary studies work

A diary study is essentially a qualitative research method in which participants (generally people who have been recruited because they either are or resemble current customers) use your product or service for a designated period of time in their own environment. They then record themselves performing tasks and providing feedback using a digital diary.

Diary studies collect information about how participants use your product or service, as well as their opinions about the experience, their likes/dislikes and their suggestions for how a product or service could be improved.

Diary studies can last anywhere from a few days to a month or longer. While marketers and researchers lack the ability to observe diary studies in real-time, they can nonetheless glean mountains of insights from these personal, engaging, real-world experiments.

When to use a diary study

Consider incorporating a diary study if you wish to obtain a deeper understanding of any of the following:

  • How do your target customers naturally perform a task?

  • How frequently do customers use your product, and what are their experiences?

  • What kind of environment will your product have to operate within?

  • How can your product solve unanticipated challenges revealed during the study?

  • How can you improve the customer experience for current customers?

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