Continuous Improvement Workshops

改善 kaizen (noun): change for better; improvement.

Continuously improving your organization may seem like an obvious goal but knowing where to start or how to organize improvement activities is sometimes challenging for companies. 

Despite what you may think, continuous improvement doesn’t have to be a total overhaul of systems and processes you currently have in place.

The continuous improvement process is actually based on Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy in which small positive changes can yield big results. Think of it as a gradual, never-ending process that can help your organization stay current and get more done in less time so it can achieve its goals.

How continuous improvement workshops work

Our process makes the difference
  • To start, a member of our strategic consulting team will work with your project leader(s) to identify key individuals (both inside and outside the company) who should be a part of the process.

  • We will help you identify the smallest issues, pinpoint their underlying causes and take the steps needed to fix them. With this action plan, we will give you insight on how you can implement these changes and empower your employees to help improve processes.

  • We will also give you insight on how to track the results of these process improvements and how to adjust your efforts accordingly.

  • We’ll prepare post-workshop deliverables and guide your team through the findings and recommendations.

The benefits of a third-party facilitator

Have issues such as differing opinions, competing priorities or the lack of substantive information prevented your organization from doing the kind of deep strategic planning that you need to succeed?

If so, bringing in experts from the outside makes a lot of sense. Here’s what you can expect from the Usability Sciences team:

  • The ability to focus on the integrity of the process, not politics or opinions

  • Experience in managing the nuances of workshops and dealing with a variety of people and points of view

  • Access to user research and participant recruiting services to obtain insights from people outside the organization

  • A dedicated team who can keep the project moving and ultimately deliver the results you’re looking for

Ready to get started?

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