Moderated Remote Research

Thanks to modern technology, a variety of user experience research methodologies can be conducted online very effectively, often for a lower cost than traditional lab research. If the parameters of your research project require users who are unable to attend a lab-based session or your working team is unable to attend research sessions in person, we will construct a fully-remote research session, administered online, that will generate insights on par with in-person lab research.

Many user experience research and usability testing companies conduct online tests via a “crowdsourced” model, and while this can occasionally be a reasonably effective way to collect generalized feedback, the flaw with this model is that it lacks the recruitment element. At Usability Sciences, all of our research – lab-based or remote – is performed on users that have been specifically recruited based on their profile and how well it aligns with your target users. Don’t let the lure of fast, cheap, mass testing produce results that don’t align with your true target audience. Let our team help you get value out of remote research the right way. 

Types of Remote User Research

Remote user research can be conducted at any stage of the user journey: 

Get to know your users: 

  • Content Aggregation
  • Diary Studies
  • Exploratory Interviews (IDI's)
  • Stakeholder Interviews  

Define, Explore & Ideate 

  • Strategic Innovation Workshops 
  • Continuous Improvement Workshops
  • Design Thinking Workshops 

Test & Improve 

  • Concept Validation
  • Usability Testing 
  • Agile Usability Testing 

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