Eye Tracking

Track what your customers see, how they’re interacting.

Better understanding the customer’s website viewing patterns – what they look at, how they interact, and what action they take – is central to the mission of website designers, producers and managers. After all, even an exquisitely designed site can miss the mark if the customer experience doesn’t deliver on expectations.

With special eye-tracking equipment, users’ eye movements can be tracked and mapped to show where the viewer is looking, the order of viewing, and for what duration. Importantly, scientific studies show that eye movement is linked with attention – often predictive behavior for the user’s experience and related action.

Our approach to eye-tracking

Our approach to eye tracking combines usability testing with eye-tracking technology, resulting in a more comprehensive look into how your users evaluate your website while, at the same time, analyzing the overall customer experience.

We conduct eye-tracking tests in our state-of-the-art, high-tech labs or at the customer’s facility of choice. 

  1. We start by working with you to understand your research objectives, identifying target audience and determining assets (screenshots, prototype, live website) for evaluation. 

  2. We assign a research team to develop a test plan that includes task scenarios and moderator questions to gather feedback during test sessions.

  3. We screen and schedule participants that reflect your target audience.

  4. We conduct one-on-one sessions – from 60-90 minutes long – over two-three days. During test sessions, participants perform defined tasks and are asked questions about their experience.

  5. We analyze and compile results, developing a report containing actionable recommendations to remedy website issues. The final report also includes a heat map providing participants’ visual behavior during the test. 

What to expect from eye-tracking testing

By combining usability testing with eye tracking, we’re able to provide our customers with unique insights about their user experience.  We’ll deliver a comprehensive report providing transparent user data that mimics realistic customer interaction – and hear from participants’ own words about their experience.  Our report will answer these questions:

  • What is the first thing users look at on a page?

  • What do users look at the longest on a page?

  • What parts of a page are overlooked?

  • What elements are distracting users from completing a task?

  • What website elements can be improved?

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