WebIQ Delivers on the User Experience

WebIQ: Online User Experience Research Technology

Our patented WebIQ® survey technology powers many of our online services.  Because WebIQ sees page load behavior, it has a number of unique capabilities:

  • Survey questions can be presented to visitors about specific areas of the site they visited to see if the content meets their needs
  • Survey questions can be presented to visitors if they behave in a specific way - like dropping out of a checkout process - to find out why
  • Integrated survey and click stream data provides visibility into which areas of the site have a positive effect on the user experience and which have a negative effect

Our customers choose WebIQ because of its robust technological capabilities and our ability to analyze its data and produce actionable recommendations for site improvement.  We do this better than any other company on the planet.

WebIQ-powered Services

  • Site Intercept Survey - Captures visitor demographics, intent, and success and through detailed analysis produces actionable recommendations for user experience improvement
  • Persona Development - Using WebIQ we can gather direct user experience metrics for every aspect of an existing site, along with direct user feedback about specific site content and functions. This data is rich in the attitudinal, behavioral and experiential insights that endow our personas with authenticity and bring them to life.

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